It all began 25 years ago with a vision of an exclusive spa product line that in harmony with nature would give people not only beauty but also well-being, experiences and sustainability.


Pursuing this vision, The Organic Spa, a family business run by Jörg Demuth, fulfils all of these aspirations. Born into a family of academics in which knowledge of the positive effects of aromatherapy had already been passed down across many generations, he learned even as a youngster all about the unique power of plants. Since then, Jörg Demuth has sought out the best herbal agents on countless journeys all over the world.


ANIKA ORGANIC LUXURY is the essence of this search. ANIKA ORGANIC LUXURY a manufactory built in the heart of Europe, inspired by the proximity to France, refined using the best ingredients in the world.


ANIKA ORGANIC LUXURY is a unique, bespoke organic treatment system for face and body, using rituals, massages and sensations that can be found and experienced in select spas all around the globe.



  • stands for purity, honesty, ethics and integrity.

  • stands for experience, devotion and beauty.

  • stands for tradition, without overlooking the spirit of the time.

  • stands for people who seek luxury with value.

  • stands for sustainability, fair trade and certified organic farming.